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Ambisis's Icons

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This is a community for icons created by me, ambisis. I made it a community instead of just a journal so that people can join to request icons. THIS IS NOT A PROMOTION COMMUNITY. Any promotion posts will be deleted.

The rules:


Unless I state otherwise, all icons are up for grabs. That said, you MUST credit me in the keyword as either "ambisis" or "ambiconage". If you do not, the wrath of myself and my friends shall be upon you. Even if you don't adopt an icon (or two ^.~), give me praise (or constructive criticism)! I'd love to hear from you!

For past icons, check out the memories.

If you would like me to make you an icon (or icons as the case may be), I have the following guidlines:

1. Tell me what fandom (if applicable) and what character(s) (again, if applicable)
2. If you want text, like a quote or song lyrics, please provide them
3. If you would like it to be animated, please let me know
4. You don't have to, but if you provide the pictures/caps, I will love you that much more, and will most likely have your icon(s) ready that much sooner.
5. Be patient. I do have a life, and at times it can keep me quite busy. If you're worried I've forgotten, then give me a gentle nudge, either by posting, email, or im (sn's in my user info).
6. Be reasonable with your requests. Don't ask me for a million-bajillion icons all at once. I won't set a limit, but please, be responsible, and keep requests to a sane number (single digits are best). If this becomes a problem, then I will set a limit, but I really don't want to have to play Mother like that, so don't make me.
7. The subject for all icon request posts should be "I am a stranger from the East seeking that which is lost." This is to, A. differentiate from my icon posts and your requests, and B. to make sure you read the rules. Posts with your icons will have the subject "I am a stranger from the West, it is I whom you seek."

Should you choose to not obey the rules: First, you will be pointed and laughed at warned; second, you will be tarred and feathered your request(s) will be voided; and lastly, you will be taken out back and shot banned from the community.

Now don't get the idea that I'm some mean, egotistical, PMS-ing person, because I'm not. I'm just setting up the penalties now, so that should I ever require them, I can say, "Look, right there, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up." But you lot won't give me the chance to use 'em. Right? Right?? *begs* Please don't make me use 'em. *Puppy dog eyes*

Now that that's said and done, let's get with the iconage!

Ciao, bella.
~ ambisis

I post to stargate_icons, atlantis_icons, x2icons, iconsharingnet, and 100x100_brushes. I participate in scifi_challenge. I co-moderate stargatehush.

Brushes from: ||||||||||||crumblingwalls||quebelly||lily_sunshine||wiggityweenr||cdg_brushes||xenylamine||oh_pants||darkislight||disorderedmind||dark_soul_lost||tacirupecajaro||luxbella||dojie||miggy||meleada||pekeana||spiralling||claudia6913||_sooper||leucocrystal||iconisms||exit47||honerbright||dj43||dearest||ambisis

Fonts are from all over the place. If there's a font that you see and would like, let me know, and I'll give you the name (not the file, you can find that yourself). Or if I'm using a font that you've made, and you want credit, let me know.

The programs I use: Adobe Photoshop CS (8.0) and Adobe ImageReady CS.

Caps are by me, or from the interweb. Sites include:
Stargate Caps: Beneath the Surface||Thalassa||Other Places||||||nemec_daily||daniel_daily
Atlantis Caps: New-Atlantis.net