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Whee, first tutorial!

So, this is my first attempt at a tutorial. Keep in mind that the process I generally follow is, "Mess around - Hmm, that looks good - Repeat". But I decided to document my steps in making this icon:

Keep in mind that I use Photoshop CS for Windows XP. However, most graphics programs should have similar operations. If you need help, consort the help menu or the internet for tutorials. Don't be afraid to RTFM. For the brushes ... um ... Well, if you really want them, give me a ping, and I'll try to figure out which sets they came from exactly. Colors are given in their RGB Hex code.

1. Select image. I decided to use this one:

2. Crop. I cropped this to 100 px square, 72 px/in rez.

3. Create a new layer, and use the fill tool. I chose the color 408B38, a slightly greyish medium green.

After scrolling through the different blend modes, I desided that Darken was best.

Then I deside that at full opacity, it was a bit stronger than I liked, so I set the opacity to 67%.

4. Create a new layer, and apply this brush (I believe it's by oh_pants) twice, using the color 866215.

Again, after scrolling through blend modes, I settled on Color Dodge, which gives a nice subtle effect to the brush.

5. Now, I figured it was time for a border brush, so I chose this one (No idea who this one's by, sorry!) in B90202, to contrast the green.

I settled on Darken for this layer:

6. Now for ominous text ... My original intent was to make this a silly icons with something like "walk of d000000m" for the text, but it ended up being a bit darker and more foreboding that I intended, which is just fine. Things shouldn't always turn out the way you meant them too, right?

Too be perfectly honest, I like this one just fine without text, but I figure I should add some for those so inclined ... After agonizingly debating what text to use, I finally decided on "thy doom is nigh," for some odd reason. I kept the same color as used in step 5 (B90202), and used the font face Times New Roman, bold, with anti-aliasing set to sharp, 9 pts in size, and placed up towards Vader's head/shoulder, with right justification so it sort of follows the curve of his shoulder, with blending set to Color Burn.

And there you have it. My very first tutorial, and your very own Darth Vader icon.

So ... hopefully that was helpful to someone ...
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